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Coming Next

Thanks to all of you  (ie. 3 or 4 people :D ) for the precious feedback you sent us about Desolation’s game play.

The second episode is  actually under design phase, the codename for  this release is “Back to Earth”: this time the battle will take place  in deep space…..

We’re also working  on a very special photo sharing application and service (cannot write a lot about this project right now, lot of bad guys over there in  silicon valley might be lurking here around :D ), btw news will be posted very soon right here).  //j


…When you’re strange
Faces come out of the rain
When you’re strange
No one remembers your name….



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Desolation is out

desolationbannerIn the year 2173, intelligent machines discovered laziness and started a war against the human race to stop working and start living according their new philosophy: “Less LOOP more NOOP”…

They succeeded: almost every form of human life was wiped from Earth.

Only a few humans managed to escape using the three interplanetary spacecraft available at that time. To ensure that carbon-based life wouldn’t appear on the planet anymore, the machines poisoned the Earth’s atmosphere with nuclear radiations.

After destroying everything around them, the machines realized they had broken free from work and humans forever…(or at least, so they thought)

Soon they stopped working and started spending their time playing games in their radioactive world….war games.

If a human eye had been able to see that place at the time, only one word would have been able to describe what had once been a world full of life and happiness….DESOLATION.

Download from Google Play


Check out the product page


Thanks to Voyna70 (sfx), TinyWood (gfx), Manu (gfx).






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Desolation (update)


On year 2173 intelligent machines discovered laziness and started a war against human race to stop working and start living according their new philosophy: “Less LOOP more NOOP” .

…they succeeded



A couple of screen shots from “Desolation”, our game actually under development.

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So many photos !!!! Thank you all.

Thank you all for publishing so many musical photos. After the release of Desolation a dedicated website will be released. In the mean while browse and vote public photos here: 

Desolation engine is up and running, we plan to release the game soon (more than one, less than two months).

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Social friendly Musical Photos

A new version of Musical Photos is available for download.

You can now publish your photos as a web page on spinkeysoft  server and get a unique address.

After publishing you can share your photos with your friends: the application includes sharing facilities for facebook and via email.

You can attach a message (up to 500 character) to your photo that will be shown on the webpage.

A comment box and social buttons are provided below the musical photo so your friend can add comments.

Soon (hopefully less than 10 days) a dedicated website will be released from where users can browse all musical photos published as public (ie visible to everyone).


publish   device-2014-01-24-093126 device-2014-01-24-092329   device-2014-01-24-092315  device-2014-01-24-092240 talkingpics1





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“Thus says the LORD of hosts: Behold, disaster shall go forth from nation to nation …And at that day the slain of the LORD shall be from one end of the Earth even to the other end of the Earth…” (Jeremiah 25:27-38, Apocalypse) 

….no panic,

 just a teaser for the upcoming war game by SpinkeySoft….. OK, panic ;)



Soon available on the android marketplaces… stay TUUUUUUNEEEDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shingo 2.0 is OUT !!!!!

Yeah, after 12,000 years of development the new version of Shingo Soccer Referee is finally available for download.

This is a completely new version and offers A LOT of new features, the most important news is that now you can edit and save everything is involved in the match: players, teams, referees and coaches, this allow you to keep statistical data of everything match after match.

Please visit the product page for further details and download the app and also have a look to the app website at

device-2014-01-01-101833 device-2014-01-01-153123 device-2014-01-01-122928 device-2014-01-01-122332 device-2014-01-01-121818 device-2014-01-01-162343




“…Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry”

Don Mclean

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Shingo Soccer Referee 2.0 is coming soon

To celebrate the upcoming 50k downloads milestone, a completely new version of Shingo soccer referee is under development and will soon be released.

This new version is much more powerful than the actual one and will allow users to interact with a brand new website where publish and share teams, matches, referees and much more.

Some of the new features:

  • Multiple team editor with players and coaches
  • Players editor
  • Referees and coaches editor
  • Advanced publishing features for teams, players, coaches, referees and matches as well
  • New website linked to the app
  • Support for substitutions, free notes and more during match
  • New interface
  • Reduced  in-app  advertising
  • Buf fixing and more,,,,

Here’s a screenshot of the prototype’s main screen (the UI may be subject to changes before release) :


Shingo Soccer referee 2.0 will be released soon, please stay tuned



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Soccer after all…

Shingo Soccer Referee

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